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Since season 2013/2014, the supporters of the Valmiera basketball team has been entertained by the team mascot – a gryphon named Wolmars.

Talismans foto 1

Gryphon is mythical creature that combines lion’s, the King of Beasts, and eagle’s – the King of Birds - qualities. Gryphon symbolizes the omnipotence, wisdom, attention and speed. In Latvian emblem gryphon represents two regions - Latgale and Vidzeme, but in Valmiera gryphon Wolmars represents Valmiera’s basketball team!

Mascot photo 1

The name of the mascot has been chosen by fans and it comes from the ancient name of the town - "Wolmar" (Wolmaria, Wolmahr, Wolmar). Wolmar has always been loved by the supporters of the team because of his energy, the ability to create great atmosphere and delight fans, and for transforming bad emotions into great ones!